Charts configuration: pyecharts configuration documents

Chart initialization

The parameter a chart type initialize accept (the same to all the chart type).

General options

All general configurations are set inadd()


x, y axis in cartesian coordinate system (Line, Bar, Scatter, EffectScatter, Kline)


dataZoom components for zoom-in and zoom-out. With them, it is possible to magnify a small area, to see the overall picture or to stay away from scattered points(Line, Bar, Scatter, EffectScatter, Kline)

Default dataZoom control bar * is_datazoom_show -> bool
Whether to use the area zoom component, default is False

Extra dataZoom control strip * is_datazoom_extrashow -> bool
Whether to use the extra area zoom component, default is False


legend component has different symbol, color and name, and provide the interactive clicking functions to show or hide its associated data series.


Text string on the chart, for marking the charts with sensible details, such as value, name.

Note: is_random random disorganize legend colour and list,it's kind of switch style? try it.


line style for Line, Polar, Radar, Graph, Parallel.


gird3D components in cartesian coordinate system (Bar3D, Line3D, Scatter3D, Surface3D)


3D Cartesian coordinate system X, Y, Z axis configuration items for 3D graphics. (Bar3D, Line3D, Scatter3D, Surface3D)

3D X-axis

3D Y-axis

3D Z axis


It is a type of component for visual encoding, which maps the data to visual channels.


Tip box component for popping data content when moving or clicking the mouse


Graphic mark component for marking specified special data. There are marker line and marker point (Bar, Line, Kline)


The right utility toolbox

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